Events Center Duty

Each family is expected to work three shifts per family at the Event Center (EC) per academic year, regardless of whether or not their child participates in CYO. Certified CYO coaches and their families are exempt from this expectation. The fine for a missed shift is $50.00. Event Center duty is coordinated by the CYO Athletic Board.

EC Duty Sign-ups. For K-2nd Grade, there will be one EC Coordinator that will contact you with more information and lead the sign-ups and manage the assigned day; for 3rd through 8th Grade, each team will have an EC Coordinator who will be contacting their respective grades.

EC Coordinator Lottery. Team EC Coordinators will be selected via a lottery system at the team's Parent Meeting. Exempt from lottery are Room Parents, Coaches, Auction Chairs, Fall EC Coordinators, Athletic Board members and their families. In order to participate the parent must be willing to undertake the role of EC Coordinator if selected. 2 EC Coordinators will be selected for each team and they will trained on how to oversee the daily operation on a game day.

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